Taking Advantage of New Customer Benefits
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Taking Advantage of New Customer Benefits

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A lot of companies usually offer people some type of discount or special benefits to entice new customers to do business with them. Very common examples are stores that give you say a $10 coupon that can be placed towards your first purchase.

Recently, I was reading about a person who was willing to go the extra mile by literally creating a new account every time for a particular online vendor in order to get the new customer discount. The only real difference in information would be things like a different e-mail address and in some case the person would ask friends and family members if she could use their billing information instead.

Going a little too extreme I think. I personally always saw discounts like that as more of an incentive/gratitude to risk trying out a new place as oppose to a vehicle to save money, so to speak. Kind of like a store giving first time customers a free bag of some sort. Seems kind of wrong to keep taking in that fashion.

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