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Taking Advantage of A Monthly Business Sales Quotas

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I saw this tid bit on tv that talked about sales people at various companies and how for the most part these employees usually have a sales quota to meet by the end of the month. The result? Stereotypically, this is one of those “If you don’t sell X amount of dollars this month you’ll be fired” type of scenario. Of course it is not that extreme usually, but it is true in a lot of businesses.

This is actually a great time and way for you to get bargains on various products as the person attempts to meet his/her quota. A not so uncommon scenario would be that if you were thinking of buying a certain bundle but want a deal, in order to get you to buy it the person would ask the supervisor if they could sell you a lot of those products at an employee discounted price.

Many times people buy things for their friends and family members and so for the business it benefits them too. Of course, you usually need to be shopping with a good dollar amount to make it easier to get the discounts. However, the end of the month is a very good way to increase the odds of being able to bargain for a better price.

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  • Another key to getting a bargain is choosing the youngest, most inexperienced sales person. The older experienced guys might have already made their sales quota for the month, so you probably won’t get a deal.

    joewatch 7/11/2009 6:09 am

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