Swaying Purchase Decisions With Price Beat Guarantees

Swaying Purchase Decisions With Price Beat Guarantees

So with a project coming up it seemed like I didn’t really have a choice but to look for a laptop that has the specifications necessary to do the work. I looked through a bunch of options and primarily focused on the ones that were on sale while having the right hardware. I didn’t want to go too expensive since my intent was to use this primarily for this job and then treated it as an extra computer afterwards. But it was kind of interesting how I decided on what to get.

Basically, there was this one laptop that seemed to have good specifications and the price seemed okay. It was on sale too. It seemed like this one store was the only one to have it on sale. I then saw it listed at another store where the price was higher. However, they did actually have a price beat guarantee where they will match it and give you and extra 10% of the difference. Funny enough, that was the determining factor in many ways on which laptop to get and where.

I have read that some stores are doing away with any price beat guarantees just due to logistics which makes me wonder how much extra sales a company can get in having a price beat policy. Because it obviously worked on me as an example.

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