Suspicious Consumer Reviews For Canon Cameras

Suspicious Consumer Reviews For Canon Cameras

Today I was interested in learning about some of the new point and shoot cameras that came out as I was thinking of upgrading and wanted the one with the best value. Specifically, I noticed that a lot of stores have the Canon SD780IS on sale because there is this new canon SD940IS model that came out recently. The first site I went to was Amazon and read this review:

I just received my Powershot SD940. Originally I had purchased the Powershot SD780, but when this one came out two days later I returned it. I liked the bigger LCD on the 940 rather than the 780’s smaller LCD with an optical viewfinder. The 940 also has a 4x optical zoom compared to the 780’s 3x optical zoom. Something else I had not noticed until I received the product is that the 940 has an updated menu system. The menus are laid out more logically and can display help menus to inform the user of the cameras functions and options. This feature is not offered on the 780. After owning both cameras, I would recommend upgrading to the Powershot SD940 unless you need an optical viewfinder. The 940 offers better zoom, bigger LCD, updated menus, and stronger performance (I found that the menus operate more smoothly and with much less lag than the 780). These are both great cameras, and I should note that the 780 is a bit smaller and lighter. Unfortunately they both have rather flat buttons that are not raised above the surface which made it a bit hard to operate at first, but I quickly got used to it. I still STRONGLY recommended!

Interestingly enough, if you visit the official Canon site there is another post that has virtually the same review as you can see here:

Kind of suspicious huh? I guess I am inclined to have the same mindset as many people where the assumption is that these reviewers are employees or somehow affiliated with Canon. I hate things like this as it compromises the integrity of these online reviews. If these are employees, I’m sure this is one business decision that can really end up hurting a company more in the long run. It reminds me of situations like how some companies try to masquerade online videos as something fan made that went viral when really it was company sponsored.

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  • hmmm 11/27/2009

    i dont think it is suspicious at all. reviewer may have edited his last entry if he decided to adjust his wording. i do it all of the time. doesnt sound like a shill review.

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