Supply Face Masks For The Customer or Not

Supply Face Masks For The Customer or Not

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This got me thinking today as I was walking by the barber shop that I usually go to and one of the barbers waved at me as he recognized me. I then went to the store to see how things have changed knowing that businesses like these will have to implement various measures to be able to operate. Sure enough there seemed to be things hanging from the walls to essentially separate customers as if it is a floating window screen.

I then asked the person if they supplied people with masks or if people would have to bring it themselves. He mentioned you would have to bring your own. The fee definitely increased too by about $7 which makes you wonder in cases like these would it be better for the business to supply the masks where the customer can then have it disposed by them as well? It almost sounds more reasonable since the fee has increased too.

Or if you were the customer would you rather pay the business more to have everything provided to you in these scenarios or not? It will be interesting how many business opt to aid the customer in the process versus those who don’t.

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