Superstition And Faith When It Comes To Money In Your Life
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Superstition And Faith When It Comes To Money In Your Life

I was having a casual conversation recently with a person about beliefs and how that affects a person’s ability to live life a certain way. The interesting thing was he was saying how he simply takes what he felt is right in various religions and throws away all the stuff that just doesn’t make sense to him. That then brought up how he strongly believed in things like palm readings. He then gave examples how a person once read his palm and told him everything about his life such as being duped by people financially or the amount of kids he has. He was stunned of course as he never told the person.

Apparently with his palm reading one thing that was told to him was something like during the times in his life where he loses say $1000 he shouldn’t worry as he will gain even more money back after those experiences. Because of that he has lived his life not worrying too much about money in the sense of if he got scammed badly he would just move on as it’s all part of life’s plan.

It’s kind of interesting as I often hear a lot of people say in business that you should never make judgements emotionally. I would argue in some ways this would be an emotional decision as you are kid of making a decision based on a faith per se. At the same time, I would tend to say it placed the person here in a good mindset in the sense of always moving forward as opposed to backwards when you stumble upon an obstacle in life.

So maybe in some ways having superstitions and beliefs can be a good thing. I would say it gets a bit overboard when people are in the mindset of they don’t need to do anything though as fate will just happen as they say. In my opinion, you always need to be doing something and moving forward. Imagine like not paying the bills because you feel life will just have someone come by and pay it for you as an example.

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