Sudden Computer Bundle Deals Can Mean Price Drops Coming
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Sudden Computer Bundle Deals Can Mean Price Drops Coming

I have been keeping an eye on computer part prices as I am looking to build a new computer after all these years and price was it didn’t feel like the value was quite there yet for what I was eyeing. Recently there was one computer store here that is having a sale where if you buy a high-end computer processor you can get a motherboard for free. These aren’t cheap ones either as most o them listed retail for over $300 easily.

With that offer I should ump on the deal right? Usually in these cases for computer item I find companies do this to get rid of old stock to make room for next generation items which be my assumption for the motherboards. But that wouldn’t make sense financially to give away a $300 item right? The often-plausible explanation would be they got a better purchase deal for the processor which they sell for $939 for it and that there is a price drop coming soon that could semi match the priced of that motherboard.

So, with that my guess would be in the near future that processor may drop to say $700 and it would actually be better to get one of the more modern day motherboards. I find with these items too you could also end up holding out forever since the tech changes so fast. But in these cases it tells me that it’s soon time to buy but it’s not quite there yet.

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