Such Random Bed Bath Beyond Clearance Items
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Such Random Bed Bath Beyond Clearance Items

I was expecting more price drops at various Bed Bath and Beyond stores, so I figured why not drop by one that was around the mall since I as there anyways. It indicated that the store was now at 30% to 50% off which is usually around the amount that I would imagine a lot of the good items would have been gone already. Everything still seemed expensive though minus the free boxes that people could take.

As I walked through the store there was one section that indicated how it was new items that just arrived. That’s what was kind of confusing as it was a bunch of cabbage patch kids dolls. Is this something you honestly expect to see in this kind of store?

It didn’t sound like a very cheap price. Then again, I never even knew these things were still in demand as I thought it sort of disappeared as people went on to different items. If anything though, it’s a good example to show re-visiting the stores actually can result in you seeing new items. Even if it may not be what you expect.

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