Such A Thing As Too High of An Hourly Rate?
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Such A Thing As Too High of An Hourly Rate?

I was talking to some people today about the hourly rate that people charge in specific professions in various industries. We were talking about numbers varying from say $30 to $500 an hour with professions such as a say a lawyer or a professional business consultant.

It was kind of interesting to see people’s different views on the matter on what qualifies as a legitimate factor for people to establish a fair hourly rate. Some people mentioned factors such as they paid for a lot of school education and so that would be a factor. Others say it should depend on the uniqueness of their skills/offerings.

It’s always fun too see people who don’t actually work in a particular field go off on how it just seems expensive to say pay someone a $100 an hour to draft up what seems like a simple letter. Other examples would be things like public speaking. My personal view for the most part is that it comes down to if the person can get the job done within your expectation. It usually pays for itself in the long run.

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