Striving To Be Efficient Versus Just Functional
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Striving To Be Efficient Versus Just Functional

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I was thinking today as someone joked how he really wanted this new computer that had really good specifications. It’s out of his current budget and that’s when the common joke remark came in where he would have to sell a kidney to get it. The follow up to that is you can technically live with just one kidney which means it would be an option if he really wanted it.

It made me think where although I tend to try and be frugal with my purchases where if the item does the job then it can make the most sense to go with that. However, at the same time I usually want to be as efficient as possible where if adding additional resources and features can greatly improve productivity then that would make the most sense.

For example, you could buy a $1000 computer and be okay as it will get the job done. But if spending $1500 means you can finish everything three times faster that can translate to even more money saved overall. Especially if it is something you use all the time. It also leaves virtually no room for unexpected circumstances if you only have enough resources based on ideal scenarios all the time.

I suppose it’s like earning money where you can just earn enough to live day by day. Or instead you can try and figure out ways to have more at the end of the day which you can then invest to make everything even better.

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