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Store Promotion Codes Instead of Price Drops

Interesting business strategy I thought. As we all know a lot of companies offer some kind of price match or price beat policy in an effort to attract customers from competing businesses. For example, if someone was selling a TV for $1000 and your store was selling it for $1050 then all the person would have to do is show proof that the competitor is selling it for that price and they would be glad to match that. As you can expect, many times that means a loss in business for one company.

There are usually stipulations though such as companies won’t match coupon deals or say items that are on clearance. So what one company was doing was that instead of listing all of its prices as is in terms of a sale price they simply added the gimmick that you must use a promotional coupon code in order to get the deal. The promo code was shown everywhere though and even employees would tell you to use it. What this did was that while the item was definitely cheaper than the competitors since it is like a sale price the competitors couldn’t match the price due to its policies on not being able to match coupon prices. Interesting way of trying to prevent a loss of sale to a competitor I say.

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