Store Coupons That Don’t Match Store Pricing Schemes

Store Coupons That Don’t Match Store Pricing Schemes

Usually when you get coupon offers from stores you would assume they should save you money. So today while in a Superstore I quickly looked at my PC Points app to see what kind of offers I had and there was this one that said for every $5 spent in Crispers and Bite Bites you would get 1500 points. That equals to $1.50 off. So it kind of enticed me to potentially buy it even though I normally wouldn’t.

In visiting the aisle I saw it stated how there was a limit where the first two crispers you bought would be two dollars each. After the limit, you would pay $2.49 each. So technically you should still come ahead price wise with the coupon if you were to only get that product. But like there the deal isn’t as good and it makes you wonder if they did that intentionally.

It almost reminds me of coupons that say you save twenty five cents for each one dollar spent on a drink where every product in the store is listed at say 98 cents each. You technically do save money if you buy two. But if you only needed one they got an extra sale out of you and maybe the margins make up for that discount. Some tricky tactics if that was the case huh?

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