Still Paying For The News
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Still Paying For The News

Today I heard some people snickering at the fact that a lot of people still pay for things like a newspaper to get the news when you could easily get the exact same thing for free on the Internet. That brought up talks about how not everyone has a smartphone or tablet and so things like a newspaper is still the most convenient way for them to get the news. Interestingly enough that then opened up some discussion about which way would save you more money.

I think this is one of those things nowadays where most people do have something to access the news whether it’s the TV or their home Internet. Now whether or not people are willing to change habits to save a few dollars is another question. I know for myself I haven’t had the need to buy a newspaper in a long time. For myself it’s one of those I pay for things like a phone plan so it seems wasteful not to use it to its max ability. So in that case makes sense to adjust my habits to adapt to what resources I am already paying for.

One thing I did find ironic was that one guy was saying how it was dumb to pay for a newspaper to get the news yet the same person had a paying subscription to a site to get news. I guess like in that example it’s all about if people see value they get it.

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