Still Initially Paying For Service Provider Billing Errors
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Still Initially Paying For Service Provider Billing Errors

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So recently I switched phone companies for one of my lines and it just so happened that I received a bill from the old provider even though my number is no longer attached to them. I then phoned in to question about it and sure enough it was an error on their part. Their reasoning was that it was a semi automated process and so they didn’t get around to stopping the billing process.

As a result, I had a balance to pay and questioned whether or not that I should pay for it still. The lady mentioned that I would be credited the amount charged in the next month’s billing and so it would be up to me to pay it or not. The thing is though, for these situations I always pay for it anyways and then wait to receive say the credit check.

The reason for this is that if I don’t pay it then I wouldn’t be surprised if they started charging interest on it while only crediting me the amount of the initial bill. Hence, you will have to go in circles again to get it straightened out. Sometimes it is just better to safe than to potentially go through all the hassle when it comes to these types of bills.

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