Sticking With Money Draining Hobbies
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Sticking With Money Draining Hobbies

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The other day there was a person who was playing this video game on her phone where for whatever reason she felt the need to try and complete one of the missions in the game as fast as possible. She ran out of free in-game credits and so she immediately went to the store to purchase one of those cards to get credit for the game so that she can continue to try again. The funny thing was her response as she bought the card where she asked why she was playing this game.

While she obviously was joking to a certain extent do you ever have hobbies where for the most part it seems like you do it out of sheer habit even though you don’t seem to be getting as much enjoyment out of it while it becoming a huge money drain? In examples like this it makes you wonder why many times we simply don’t explore new things to do as maybe you will like it better than what you are currently doing. It could end up saving you money too.

For myself I usually try to do something new every year. While you could say it’s just to experience new things entertainment wise it can often open up your eyes to all the potential things you can do for hobbies and activities. Last year I actually participated in a community garden even though that seems way off in terms of what I am normally interested in. But afterwards it kind of showed me how you could technically have tiny garden in your house as a hobby where it can save you money as well such as growing your own food.

It goes back to the saying too where if you want to get rid of one habit you have to replace it with another. Same thing with the hobbies too I feel if it is simply ending up being a money drain in your life.

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