Starting Your Own Business Due To Bad Local Options

Starting Your Own Business Due To Bad Local Options

Interesting story this was where it talked about a man that was so fed up with the Internet service providers in his area that he literally decided to create his own Fiber Internet service. That is unimaginable for most as the cost estimate is probably a good $300,000 or so when you factor everything such as the permits, parts and labor. It sounded like he wanted to make this available to his community as well. As time went on, he was able to make it happen and apparently even gets federal funds to continue his work.

An interesting note the article is how he apparently approached companies such as Comcast to expand faster Internet services to his area but was told he would be charged about $50,000. That was another reason why he felt financially it could make sense to just build his own as an example. But that actually does happen a lot when you think about it where many times companies that don’t have the infrastructure to do what a customer has requested simply gives them the option to pay more where you are in a sense paying for their business expansion.

I guess as example could be imagine running a videography business where this large client wants video captures from a high-end camera you don’t have. So what the business does is they actually bill the customer in away where the invoice has the price of the camera in it but isn’t labelled as such. Once they finish doing the work they now have this high end camera to be used on other jobs. When you put it like that it sounds like a bad deal for the customer huh?

It’s not an unusual motivator to start a business where ultimately one feels they can do something better. It’s the investment to get it up and going with no guarantee that is the scary part of course.

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