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Starting A Business With Outdated Laws

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What an interesting video/situation this was that I saw. Essentially, it appears that there are some people here in Vancouver that are trying to start a restaurant/bar of sort with the difference being that they are trying to cater to the video game audience by allowing people to play video games in there. It appeared that they are trying almost all of the online options to start this business too such as trying to get additional funding online as well as advertising. It appears to be working too.

The interesting thing was that while watching this video they made apparently they just found out that the liquor laws here are worded in such a way where playing video games consoles with their type of business and space is prohibited which essentially kills off the key idea/attraction to their business. You can watch the video here if you are interested:

Of course I am personally not sure how the law works in this scenario as it isn’t exactly my expertise. It did get me interested in how they are dealing with it though as again it seemed like they were attempting to get support online to try and change the law itself. In many ways I guess they do make a good point as nowadays almost every smartphone or tablet has the ability to play video games and so the wording probably does need to be reviewed.

It’s good to see people not just give up though when they are given a huge hurdle in trying to start up a business that they believe in. Be interesting to see how his pans out.

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