Starting A Business For Others

Starting A Business For Others

Today I was thinking that there is one person who always said that she wished she could start something business wise and always came up with these ideas but has never followed through with it. I am so inclined to just start it for her and then hopefully eventually she will get the motivation to continue it while making something out of it.

I was just thinking if that may be risky where I would put too much of my personal energy into it where it would become as if it was my business. Or in the other end maybe the person won’t take it as seriously since it’s almost like you had to babysit them where they would expect you to be there with them like a partner. I never actually tried anything like that though and it would be nice to see someone make something successful with you kind of just planting the seed and environment for them.

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  • Fax Authority 4/7/2012

    I personally think that sometime’s it’s best for people to get their own inertia with starting a business.

    Business is a marathon, not a sprint, and chances are if they can’t be bothered to start at first, they’ll have trouble when other challenges come their way

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