Starlink Hardware Discount Ad
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Starlink Hardware Discount Ad

I remember signing up for an alert in regard to Starlink Internet services for whenever It becomes available here in Canada. I know in some places it has been active already but here at least there doesn’t seem to be an active push to sign people up yet. That’s why this was interesting as I got an e-mail on how you can buy the hardware to run its service for $350 versus its regular price of $759. The monthly fee is still pretty high at over $100.

But this made me think as apparently there were people who jumped on this deal to get the hardware even though the service isn’t even available in their specific area yet. They definitely will enroll into the service when it does become available. But would you spend that much for the hardware not knowing when you will actually be able to use it?

The savings are substantial. But in cases like these I am almost inclined to say it’s probably better to wait in these cases. There is the risk as an example where when the service does become available they may have a sale to lire in subscribers in the same way. If so, you could have just kept your money and invested in it somewhere for the time being.

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