Standard Rates That Are So High

Standard Rates That Are So High

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So I got a text message from my cell phone provider about a rate plan change that will be implemented soon. Apparently, people will be charged about $3 per MB of usage on their phone. After the first 5 MB you will be charged $1 per MB afterwards. I was just thinking how ridiculously expensive that standard rate is. That means watching say a news video clip on your phone could easily cost you say $100 with some kind of plan.

From what I read, on any other monthly plan you would be charged about five cents per MB of data usage. Quite a substantial difference huh? It makes me wonder how much money a company actually rakes in from unsuspecting customers this way. Example, I know many people nowadays accidentally click on the web browser button on their phone which immediately begins to download Internet pages.

At times like these I would rather have the option of telling say the carrier to not even allow the phone to have access to the web unless I specifically signed up for a plan that has a Data one. Imagine if your cable TV was designed in a way where if you flipped on a certain channel by accident it will automatically be billed to you right away at an astronomical fee as opposed to the channel simply being unavailable unless you ordered it.

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