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Spreading Bonuses And Incentives Whenever Possible

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This was an interesting thing I heard the other day as there was a company that is in the business of finding companies temporary workers for jobs that usually only last for a quick project. As you can imagine the company has their favourites where they would often give those workers preferential treatment whenever possible versus the other workers. It could be a something as small as only being able to give a certain amount of people access to a tourist attraction.

On one hand I suppose it would make your most valuable more loyal, on the other hand the other ninety percent who notice that they never get these benefits will probably jump to another company the first chance they get. So recently there was a scenario where the business needed to find a lot of people to the point where they actually contacted everyone including people who have never even worked for the company in years.

The response was expected as everyone commented it seems on how the company never went out of their way for them and so they will return the favor now. That should get you to think where you need to try your best to show that everyone is appreciated and that whenever you have additional rewards of sorts to giveaway it can be a good idea to ensure that everyone at one point or another got something.

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