Spending Years Just To Change Careers

Spending Years Just To Change Careers

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This is probably the most dreaded story of all that people never want to hear when it comes to a career. I was told how there was a person who got the best education that money can buy in a rather technical field where the demand should be there for his skill-set. But he didn’t have any luck and even moved to various places to find work. At times when he did find work it was usually with smaller companies that didn’t end up staying afloat for long.

So the person decided recently after quite a few years to completely change careers as he thought the demand for it would be better. Can you imagine that as it is almost like studying to be a medical doctor where you got the degree and all but for some reason you just can’t seem to open up a practice where you are getting any patients. Then imagine switching your career to be a nutrition supplement sales person or something.

It kind of makes you think where sometimes it may be good to just jump into a trade skill of some sort as you work towards something that requires a long education. Or maybe even create a side business while you are studying as a backup in life huh? Odd to think as usually if you do something like arts or a trade people tell you to have a backup as a corporate job is the “secure” one. I’m not so sure that is the case nowadays.

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