Spending When You Actually Have The Money In Your Bank
Financial Management

Spending When You Actually Have The Money In Your Bank

I thought this was kind of a risky way to manage money even though technically you should be okay. I was talking to a person who made a lot of money for a contract job recently where he wasn’t expecting the payment in about a month or so. However, despite this he decided to spend a large amount of money on luxury items now even though he technically can’t afford it yet since he doesn’t have the funds. So everything will be purchased with a credit card and the plan is to just simply pay off the balance once he gets paid.

I personally feel that is a risky way to approach money because for one thing you never know if something may happen. For example, imagine in this case if a business dispute comes up and the company decides they don’t want to pay the bill or at least not the full amount anymore which will not require say litigation.

That definitely won’t be good if you now have to pay interest on the credit card. Now you could say for some people that’s a necessity where they live pay cheque to pay cheque and this is the only way they can pay the bills while not starving. I feel though if that is the current structure of your finances then you need to find a way to change it ASAP versus just saying it works so you will continue with it. I always view things like a credit as a form of convenience versus a necessity. Basically, if you have to borrow money everyday of your life to sustain a lifestyle then you need to find a different approach to your lifestyle and habits in my opinion.

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