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Spending Too Much To Figure Out A Goal And Direction

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I was talking to a few artists recently where for some they found themselves with very little money but they had a ton of expensive gear. For example, so many different cameras of high quality. When I asked why they had so many it was because they read that certain ones were the best for different scenarios. As well they still weren’t sure what type of style they wanted when it comes to producing work. Not surprisingly they mention when they look back at all the stuff they have bought it was such a waste of money just to try and figure things out professionally.

This can be very common when you think about it. In many ways I guess school can be like that where you take all these courses that are so expensive just to try and find out what it is that you want to do. I find for myself if I am ever unsure about a specific direction to go with I usually opt to simply research through means that are free first. For example, if I was unsure on what kind of new life skill to learn I would watch a lot of things such as documentaries online about people who took the path that I am thinking to see if it was really what I was looking for.

The same goes for some kind of business. I think the worst is when people join so many of these money making opportunities that have a fee to it just to try and figure out what types of things they are good at selling per se. It’s not surprising to hear that many people actually go into debt because of it. People say it takes money to make money which in many ways is true. But you shouldn’t have to spend too much to know what you are after and what you need. There are just so many free ways to do so. Just take your time as this is a marathon not a sprint when you choose a direction to go with.

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