Spending Too Much Money With People You Will Never Meet Again
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Spending Too Much Money With People You Will Never Meet Again

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Happy new year 2019 everyone. While this is a time to celebrate and start fresh it was interesting to hear this topic about spending money on the occasion. There was a conversation where there are specific types of people during these time when it comes to money. Those who spend hundreds of dollars to impress those who they will never speak to again and those who spend virtually nothing to be with close ones.

You can imagine there is a lot of division between phrases like that. For example, some say you must go out and meet new people in life which means spending money. Like for new years though would you think it’s wiser or the same to go to say a fireworks viewing party where you pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket vs hanging out at a house with close ones and viewing it on like the TV? Should you ever think about money in these cases since it’s a once a year event?

My personal approach is I usually want to first spend time with those who are the closest to me and from there we all try and plan something that we would all enjoy without having to spend as much as possible. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t say go to a fireworks event that costs money. But if we wanted to watch the fireworks then we would think of the free options available first and determine if that would be good. This is as opposed to saying we must spend lavishly because everyone else is in order to be viewed as actually celebrating.

In the end it’s about having each other right? May as well celebrate and save together as much as possible too for the new year.

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