Spending Too Much money For What Takes Time And Quality

Spending Too Much money For What Takes Time And Quality

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Today I was reading a post a bout a person who was looking for marketing services to help promote some of his work. Like most things he requires exposure in order to be able to do bigger and better things. It was interesting as he was asking all these questions on what he could do, in terms of paying money, to get more people to say good things about his work to get him more buzz. The best answer I thought in all this was when someone said something along the lines of “Start making things that are actually high quality.”

His scenario happens too much nowadays I think where people spend way too much money trying to use services to make themselves look big when really all that time and investment could be spent towards making a better product that in turn will create the word of mouth and buzz. Granted at times everyone needs that little push, but if you are going to spend so much money it should be to make whatever it is you do even better as the work in many ways should speak for itself. Otherwise I think it’s almost the equivalent of going to an investor with an unpolished and bad idea where you say you just need a million dollars to market it.

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