Spending Too Much For Nicer Labelling Looking Solutions
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Spending Too Much For Nicer Labelling Looking Solutions

Today I was thinking of buying some label makers as I wanted to organize some of my external hard drives as I currently just stack them up in specific sections to be able to identify what type work is in each one. I’m actually wondering why I never just placed a label on it that could help in case I forget what is what one day. Then again, maybe I do know why as I started to look for a label maker online.

The prices seemed kind of expensive to me where there were many small label sticker packages that were well over $15. Isn’t that a but much just for a sticky note of sort? I can see if it is one of those label makers that actually print out a label, but in these cases it looked like you would still have to write on it manually. While it did look professional per se, would it make more sense to just something like a sticky note instead?

If this was for a company then I could see just having to invest in the more polished looking solution. But it is just for my own reference. But in this case still, would you actually pay an extra $10 or so that would make your label look more professional? I think that’s why I held of before because I don’t absolutely need it and the price makes it less appealing to do so for the circumstance.

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