Spending No Money At Show Events
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Spending No Money At Show Events

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So I recently went to this WWE show in Vancouver as I thought it would be neat to see it live. The ticket price was modest and I actually rarely ever go to events like these where when it comes to things like sports I usually just watch it on TV. One thing I was thinking about was the food prices as they are usually sky high. At the same time I was thinking that usually for myself when I go to things like this I have no real intent of purchasing food or drinks but rather just enjoying the show.

I usually do it before or wait till after to eat something as the prices can make you spend almost just as much as the ticket. Some people say though that if you don’t purchases anything extra then you aren’t really enjoying the show to its fullest extent. I always wonder why people say that as to me the main attraction should be good as it is. It reminds of the Simpsons episode where Homer couldn’t drink alcohol anymore and while at a baseball game he found it boring.

Overall I had a lot of fun at the show and I didn’t need to spend anymore. If anything I would like to walk out of the event afterwards not having to look at it later on wondering why I sent so much in the month.

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