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Spending Too Much Energy Accepting Risky Low Paying Work

While looking for topics about shopping to save money today I bumped into this investigative report that had to do with shoplifting and how it is a serious problem. Not only does it affect the business but ultimately that means the consumer as well as prices need to be increased to make up for all the theft. What was interesting was that the ring leader of sort was caught and the police convinced the person to essentially help them catch everyone else involved.

In many cases it seemed like the person would steal the merchandise and then get random people to return the item for like a gift card which is essentially fraud. In one case it seemed like the people they got received very little money for doing so. However, regardless of the amount they were still charged and I heard one person say how they only got like $5 from doing it.

I was thinking too all that just for $5 seems kind of crazy and just made me think in general of all the other things that we can often do for so little where someone else is essentially taking advantage of one’s situation I guess you can say. It should make you think where if you are willing to spend that much energy and risk for someone else doing something questionable imagine what you can do if you just invest all that energy and effort into something legitimate for yourself instead. I suppose many times it’s just having that confidence to just start.

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