Spending Too Much Because of Boredom
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Spending Too Much Because of Boredom

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I often keep myself pretty busy and enjoy my hobbies that I do for fun. For the most part this also means when it comes to spending money I don’t feel the need to splurge on something extravagant as a way to feel alive and motivated. That doesn’t mean I don’t like trying new things that just happens to cost a lot of course. But this got me thinking as I was talking to a person who complained that he has so much debt in life.

While we were talking we discussed about the activities that the each of us were going to do in the coming week. He actually listed all this stuff that really adds up such as trying games that cost almost $50 per play session or dining at restaurants that are easily $15 a visit. I of course asked why he would do such activities if he was in debt as he mentioned. His simple answer was that he likes trying new things as he gets bored of the other stuff he has done quickly.

That’s actually a point to consider where maybe a way to have a better financial situation is to actually find something that you can do each day that you would be passionate about where at the same time it doesn’t require you to empty the bank account. I know for myself I usually do things like hiking which often requires a lot of time but financially you don’t really have to spend anything other than some basic items such as food items. But with that I often have a ton of other interests such as trying to capture the awesome scenery where it feels different every time. So to me it doesn’t get boring.

Even if you have to spend money every time I think finding at least that one thing you love to do consistently can still help you to manage your budget better. For example, if your passion was to literally watch a new movie at the theatres every week you start to get into the habit of knowing the exact costs this would be. As a result you will be more likely to plan and budget for it each time.

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