Spending More Money To Save Money
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Spending More Money To Save Money

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I was at a supermarket today and in the store they were advertising these coupons where if you spent over $250 you could save $30. Those little things sure do have an influence on people as it seemed like so many people were trying to stuff their carts to reach the appropriate amount.

I’m always a little more cautious about these types of promotions as it is easy to just buy anything without thinking if what you are purchasing is truly a great deal. Since I was with some family members we actually did end up using it as we simply combined our purchases. For myself, I have a general knowledge on what is a very low margin item in these types of businesses and so I knew that using the savings on these items would definitely make it a good deal.

For example, in supermarkets milk is usually a low margin item or if they have an electronics department then video games don’t often make a company a lot of money as well. With that, you know using coupon savings on those types of items would be a good deal. Although, I wouldn’t recommend buying like say $100 worth of milk just to reach the qualification mark unless anyone truly drinks that much.

So if you really need to spend more, I’d say try to educate yourself a little more about the products you buy. While some people may be too old for it now if they already have their careers set, even getting a simple job at various stores can really enlighten you to be more aware of the things that you purchase. There’s always good old fashion networking with people in the know too.

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  • devil 3/15/2008

    Where I live (CA), milk and dairy products would not count towards the minimum $250.00 purchase.

    And $30.00 off of $250.00 isn’t that great of a deal at the grocery store unless you’re very, very careful. I would stock up on canned/boxed food, if what I normally buy was on sale (but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be during the coupon period).

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