Spending Money On Debt or Experiences
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Spending Money On Debt or Experiences

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A lot of times when people accumulate a lot of debt what I notice is that the general mentality is your debt is so high that there is no real point in trying to clean it out. So whenever people get their paycheck they don’t put funds towards eliminating the debt but rather they just spend it on experiences in life as if the debt is invisible. One of the reasons I heard is that when people look at the numbers it will just take too long to payoff to the point where it makes sense to just enjoy life while you can and face any repercussion later.

My personal view is that you are robbing yourself of potential experiences by not managing any excessive debt. For example, it will probably limit you on the type of things you can get which may require a credit history of sort. Or at the same time if you are trying to create some kind of business I don’t think a person would feel too comfortable working with an individual that insists in just ignoring a massive amount of debt.

In many cases it’s just simply getting started and you can actually treat it as a skill of sort that is transferable to other aspects in life. For example, if you get good in managing your debt that may mean you would have acquired new skills such as being a frugal shopper. In turn that could mean you will now actually get more stuff for your money. It could also mean having to find alternative ways to live and manage expenses which means exploring different cultures and how they do things. A lot of people often pay tons of money to travel elsewhere to do so when you think about it for fun.

Either way, working towards being debt free regardless of your situation now can help free up so much more opportunities for you. No one expects you to do it in one day as it should be a lifestyle habit to get rid of that debt.

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