Spending Less Money On Your Actual Essentials First Mindset
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Spending Less Money On Your Actual Essentials First Mindset

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This was an interesting observation I had as I recently volunteered to help some students for their project. As it turned out it seemed like the school basically just gave them some money as part of a budget and they were on their own to try and make it happen per se. I was more than happy to help as they sounded like no one was willing to help them for whatever reason. They really focused on the notion of they would compensate people with food with their budget as the lure to get someone to volunteer. But I would assume for the most part if people like myself want to volunteer that would not be much of a factor.

Now I obviously could only help one group due to things like time. That’s when I noticed a different group was struggling to find people that they literally used their budget to try and pay people an honorarium to help them with their project. That was kind of interesting to see as to how people manage their budget. Like for the group I volunteered with you would imagine they would have done the same thing. But instead they took the risk in hopes to save money and spend it on other things like the food.

This is actually really true for people’s finances in general as we often work so hard to try and save money on the absolute necessities in hopes to spend more money on say comfort or entertainment items. Almost feels like it should be the other way around right? Because in many ways I would be inclined to say if you make sure everything is better than just “getting by” with your daily necessities to the point where your quality of life can be consistently improved daily that is better than requiring something else to make up for it.

Example, if you have a really bad bed then imagine you saving money to then do something to relieve the pain such as a massage. Like there I think it is better to invest in the essential first as you may find you may not need the other stuff afterwards as a result too.

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