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Spending A Lot of Money To Learn Things You See On The Screen

I was having a conversation today with another person on how there were a few people that wanted to learn various martial arts because they want to be just like the guys in the movie they saw. Essentially, the genuinely believed to a certain extent that if they train in such an art then just like in the movies they can take out dozens of bad guys at once. The crazy thing was they were willing to spend a lot of money such as $30/hr for training. I’m not sure how long it will take them to realize that things aren’t exactly the same in real life.

Have you ever spent a lot of money this way simply because you saw something in like a movie or magazine where you automatically assumed that you will be able to replicate the same results? Like with this example, I can easily see them spending well over $1000 just to then realize while you may learn some useful skills, it’s not going to be like what the movie portrays.

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