Spelling Things Wrong To Generate Business Attention

Spelling Things Wrong To Generate Business Attention

I heard of people doing this before where in various cases they will purposely spell something wrong as they know others will as well. As a result, when it comes to things like a search engine then the assumption is they will gather all the traffic from people who misspell it. Some strategies I know people used before and still do is to buy domain names that have spelling errors. So when someone mistypes it they will capture that visit.

Nowadays it’s probably not as effective as places such as search engines tend to auto correct or offer you the correct spelling for words. But it’s an interesting thing to think about in regards to purposely misspelling words to capitalize on errors. People do that when it comes to writing descriptions for products or videos I noticed as an example and they specifically say it works.

It makes me wonder if it is worth it image wise as misspelling words can make a business look unprofessional.

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