Specifically Mentioning Competitor Faults And Negatives

Specifically Mentioning Competitor Faults And Negatives

We are all usually taught that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it. That definitely doesn’t seem to be a philosophy for many businesses. With so many new product launches coming out in the tech sector virtually every presentation I saw had the company dedicating portions to explaining why the competition is horrible or offers an inferior product. I suppose in many ways it makes sense. But it made me think how many people wouldn’t do that because it doesn’t feel right?

Of course in an ideal world a product or service will speak for itself. But when companies need a way to stand out to get some attention and momentum I suppose talking bad about the competition is usually a strategy to get things like a loyal fan base riled up where that will cause everyone to start talking about you to the point where people will then know about you versus not.

So would you be inclined to do that? It’s just one of those things where in our personal lives we are constantly taught not to do these kinds of things whereas for many people in business I guess it’s a necessity for them to stay in business.

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