Sorting Your True Supporters

Sorting Your True Supporters

I had an interesting conversation with a person where the topic revolved around how having a good support system can often be an important aspect when it comes to things like starting a business. At the same time, he mentioned how a lot of people will say they are your biggest fan/supporter yet when time comes where you could truly use their help they are nowhere to be seen.

He sure took it to the extreme though in terms of sorting people which was kind of surprising I thought. For example, he mentioned one time where he was defrauded over some money and while he was able to perfectly handle the situation himself, he decided to ask some people in his network that he knew could help him. While almost everyone had that “So sorry” response, apparently less than 20% of the people were prepared to want to do something to help. By doing this, he mentions that he has been able to align himself with the right people.

I think it is kind of difficult to just sort people in that way as to a certain extent I would say acknowledging your issue is support in itself. On top of that, you may also unfairly establish a high level that someone would have to aid you to qualify as “real support” too which is kind of dangerous.

I personally never forget my roots I guess you can say as almost everything that I do I always remember those who were there since the beginning. It’s kind of like investing in a company I guess where there are those who were at your side when you were almost unheard of and those that are simply trying to hop on for the ride at its peak and will be the first ones to leave when it slows down. Isn’t that usually the best way to weed people out if you had to from a business perspective?

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