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Some Things Are Better Bought New Only

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I was reading a post today about a fairly large clothing item store that apparently was having a used underwear sale. Uh yeah, you heard me. While I think the posting was not legitimate, that just made me think how for some things I wouldn’t purchase used regardless if the price was an extremely good deal.

I think like most people, usually anything where hygiene plays a huge factor I would only buy it new. It’s mostly things like electronic devices or machinery that can be more worthwhile buying it used as for those things you are usually paying a lot initially for the hype of the product since it is new to the market.

Of course, many would say it is just in your head and all where if there is nothing technically wrong with it then there is no reason to not save money. For this case though, usually the notion of a sale is getting a very good deal. I don’t see how buying things like a used pair of underwear can be considered a great deal regardless of the price.

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