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Some Banks Just Don’t Take Privacy Seriously

I learned something interesting recently that was kind of surprising. Basically, my bank record statements were showing up on my dad’s bank statements. This is not the first time that this has happened either. Basically, when I was young I had to open up a bank account with my parents. Therefore, my dad’s name was on my account as well.

When I became an adult obviously this was something that was kind of unnecessary and so I requested to have my dad’s name taken off of it as every time he received his statement the money in my account would display on his too. I went into the bank and requested this and sure enough they said everything was fine.

It seemed to be fine for a long time. Just a few weeks ago though my account statements were showing up on my dad’s statements again. That was just so unacceptable I thought regardless of any way you look at it. Example, if it was a human error that is pretty clumsy. Even with a crazy scenario such as if my dad requested to have it displayed on his statements that would be even worst in terms of the bank being irresponsible.

One person suggested to me that the only way to fix the problem is to leave this particular bank all together. That’s kind of scary too in many ways. Imagine if it showed up on some stranger’s statement.

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