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Social Media Platforms As Your Rolodex

The other day I was trying to find a person for some advice. Apparently he moved out of the city and so this made me wonder how in could get in touch. Funny enough, just from browsing around through my social media networks I was able to find the person.

I’m usually not one to try and add anyone and everyone when it comes to social media platforms if all I have ever done is say hi to a person. However, in cases like this it would have been probably a good idea to have asked the person before if they used certain platforms so that it would be easier to reach each other if needed. I guess in many ways thing like Facebook still sound like some kind of recreational platform when I suppose it can be like your online business rolodex, so to speak.

It also makes me think of another conversation I heard this week such as how some people view certain social media sites as more business-like and so in places like those they would be more picky as opposed to other sites when it comes to filling up their friends or contact list. Having too many people can get confusing but at the same time you never know who you will need to get back in touch with.

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