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Smart Power Meters

I was recently reading this story about a smart power meter that is taking place in some places in the US with the intent to change people’s habits in regards to how much electricity they use and when.

In a nutshell, it sounds like by trying to get people to use the majority of their electricity during a certain time period it will enable a better supply and demand scenario to create better pricing. With that, the cost of electricity would be cheaper during peak times and more expensive during times outside of that period it seems.

Kind of an interesting idea when you think about it on paper as it could definitely save you a lot of money by doing so. On the other hand, it is kind of hard to make people adjust their lifestyles to all be the same. In that case it could make one’s bill incredibly higher and unpredictable.

I always thought the best way to save money in this sense is to invent something extremely user friendly so that people can generate their own power to save money.

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