Small Funds Can Still Be A Lot

Small Funds Can Still Be A Lot

Interesting comment I heard today as a fairly wealthy person was pretty much discrediting so many businesses based on the sole notion that it doesn’t generate the type of revenue stream that he is used to. An over exaggeration would be a fortune 500 company saying that one guy’s part-time lemonade stand is worthless because he only brings in like $5000 a year compared to the other person’s full-time multi-million dollar empire.

I was thinking how this is an example of possibly being out of touch with the rest of world if you have been living the high life too much. As well, I wouldn’t be surprised if stigmas like this discourages so many people from even trying because they feel if you can’t bring in say six figures in a business right away then it is not worth trying.

I just known in this generation at least there are so many stories out there of people just trying something for fun or that it took very little hours where eventually they were able to make a living out of it. The point that they only made say $10/month at first didn’t matter so much as opposed to seeing if what they did was gaining momentum to grow bigger. You can’t always compare yourself to someone who is already established. People may not want to admit it, but I’m pretty sure most people started with peanuts or made almost nothing in the beginning too.

I think the key is as long as you aren’t continually financially and emotionally draining yourself expecting big returns to only get very little then you should celebrate any kind of success you bring in. They often say most small businesses fold for example and so if you have an idea that you were able to keep up with very minimal effort for example that is still a pretty good achievement I say.

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