Simply Putting Things Out There To Earn Extra Money
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Simply Putting Things Out There To Earn Extra Money

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Since it is near the end of the year I decided to check up on some accounts that I haven’t paid too much attention too. If you all remember in 2015 I signed up for that Tangerine Bank account to test its no fee feature and if both parties would get a free $50 for opening an account and made the post at . Sure enough it did work for everyone and some have told me they have opted to just bank with them too. So a win for everyone. I actually just used it once before to pay a bill since I got free money from it. But I decided to check it out again today to make sure nothing funny happened. As we all know banks can often change their fee structures as an example. To my surprise there was about $200 in the bank as I guess more of you used the code.

It made me think on how many times when it comes to doing things to earn an extra income stream a lot of people simply don’t do it as they feel it would be a waste of time. In this case I didn’t necessarily know if anyone would use it but decided to just try it and post my experience anyways. Who would have thought it would have continued to generate some extra money. Now imagine if I just didn’t bother period.

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This can be so true for so many personal ventures or projects for people where they often want to do things to mold their income streams in a way that supports the lifestyle that they want. But many times they just stop for fear of failure in a way. Realistically it’s more about the ego with things like this as opposed to actual financial risk which in some ways seems silly when you think about it from the outside. Many times you just have to throw it out there as you never know what can happen.

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  • Nadia 9/27/2019

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. I found your site today because I was researching how much a penny doubled for a month would be. Your site was the first on the list. Since then, I have reviewed your thoughts on books and ways to make money. I enjoy your brevity and clarity of thought. Thank you. I am enjoying reviewing more of your blog posts and I am inspired. And, it’s ad-free. Thank you, seriously.

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