Simply Offering More Money To Solve Labour Shortage

Simply Offering More Money To Solve Labour Shortage

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With a lot of businesses opening up again initially many people were saying that people no longer wanted to come back to work due to factors such as the fear of getting a virus from having to interact with people all day long or the increase of abusive customers since emotions are pretty high due to all the stress and frustration in the world.

But funny enough there have been a lot of reports that businesses are just offering to pay people more now and magically they are able to hire all the help they need. It seems with that worries about health and safety just seemed to have disappeared for many. I suppose that is expected in many cases huh where when the money is right it is often enough to persuade people.

Imagine being the guy trying to strategize all these crazy incentives and safety measures to attract talent when really, it’s just the wage that fundamentally sways most people.

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