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Simply Offering Cheaper Alternatives As An Average Joe For Money

I must of heard from at least three separate people in recent weeks where the way they make part time income is by simply driving people to their destinations with their own car. This ranged from people advertising on free classified ad sites as an affordable alternative to a taxi to people who actually sit at places like an airport ready to drive people to where they want. Granted I other places there are applications like Uber for this, but it sure shows how much you can do with what you have as long as you are willing to do it.

In all these cases people didn’t advertise themselves as a business and nor did they do it full time as they already have careers. But they figured why not whenever they can and at the same time make some extra money out of it. I have done these types of things too to a certain extent such as helping people setup items that require technical knowledge. It’s not my business by any means but I can do it for way cheaper than a company with virtually the same results so why not?

That is also a reason why a lot of those job tasks sites are popular too as people get to save a lot of money and at the same time average people can make an income that way. Don’t underestimate at the things you can do to make a nice supplemental income source.

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