Simply Getting Out There Enough

Simply Getting Out There Enough

I was talking to a person who was in the midst of deciding what he wanted to do career wise as it seemed like he was ready to try the self employed route. Obviously this meant that he would need to think of a business idea as well as how to run it. He is an artist by trade and for some reason this reminded me of people who did simple things such as drawing quick portraits of people at various events where they make a living doing so.

He then commented about a person he saw that did just that and he couldn’t believe how much they were making as he felt the drawings were pretty low quality. I then commented how the person must be doing something right in terms of simply getting out there and doing something as sometimes you don’t exactly need to have the most complex plans before doing something.

In many cases if you simply get yourself out there it’s only a matter of time until you will grab a market share of sort I’d say. I would say most people starting out begin with nothing much other than their home office and themselves. Therefore the chances that your operation will be so complex where you need like a 200 page business plan and hundreds of resources are pretty slim. In that sense it is more about just getting out there and getting yourself known.

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