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This was kind of a common scenario I saw yesterday. Essential, there was a person who was so upset as he works so hard to publish a video piece and sure enough it is of high quality. However, it didn’t seem to generate very much attention. He then consistently saw this other person who produced something of a lesser quality except it seemed like he was able to achieve the desired results for minimal effort. This just made him go crazy it seemed as if he was mad at people in general as he thought quality should rule all.

Looking at the other person’s work and trying to analyze where his audience came from the funny thing was that it was as simple as him mentioning his work in a community that appeared to be interested in these types of work. Literally, all he did when you think about it was place a little message to let people know that he existed. The other person didn’t do anything like this and assumed that people would just flock to him I guess you can say.

That should really make you take a step back if you are frustrated like this person. I guess like in this scenario it is more bout working smarter than harder. In many ways it’s like if your goal was to simply sell a bunch of ice cold drinks I’m sure putting a sign at a busy beach is better than standing in an empty hot desert.

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