Simply Adding Your Whole Contact List On A Site

Simply Adding Your Whole Contact List On A Site

This got me thinking as recently I got an invitation from a person I used to work with ages ago as it would appear that they signed up for a business networking site and the message indicated that they wanted to add me into their circle to potentially refer business in the future. It was clear this was an auto generated response. But it made me wonder I this is ever a good idea versus actually asking people.

Because in this case again it has been well over five years since I have even spoken to them and so I was inclined not to accept the invite since it felt like they were simply treating everyone as a number. If the person dropped a message asking to catchup as an example I would gave probably been up for that as it is great to see what people are up to.

I can only imagine that people would think it is risky where they could just get rejected considering there has been no communication for so long. But again, to me this add everyone method and see who sticks makes me want to ignore it more personally.

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