Simple Remote Meetings To Save Money

Simple Remote Meetings To Save Money

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Today I had to meet a person to discuss the possibilities of using their service which would first require me to interview them in a casual meet and greet style. I first suggested that we can do a video chat as it can be more convenient. However, the person seemed more comfortable with an in-person meeting and so I figured why not.

At the end of it all the talk only lasted about twenty minutes. I was then thinking about the travel expenses that I have incurred to get to the place and in many ways it kind of seemed silly. There are times where in-person meetings simply make more sense, but in this day and age remote meetings can make it feel as if you are there talking to each other in-person minus the cost of and time of travel.

I can see if it is talking only with voice on a telephone versus actually seeing the person of course. Funny enough, I see this more accepted in a corporate scenario but for some reason it isn’t as embraced for a solo entrepreneur operated businesses. It makes me wonder if I actually suggest to the person that it saves money this way on whether or not they would be more receptive.

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