Simple Act of Relocating To Find Support

Simple Act of Relocating To Find Support

Today I was reading this news bit that happened awhile ago where apparently a local entrepreneur was able to raise a million dollars in simply one day using Kickstarter. Apparently as you can see from this page at the person has gotten a lot of support very quickly.

A common reaction I was reading was how that site only allows people with US based addresses to receive funding and if all these stories was about a Canadian entrepreneur then how in the world did they get the funding? As evident, the person did relocate to the US. Many times if that is what you have to do to get support and to expand your opportunities then there is no harm in seriously consider it I suppose. I think the main bad thing too is how at times people often have the grass is greener on the other side thought and so they don’t really research all of the options they have available already for where they are at first.

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